HangersGuide generates revenue through affiliate marketing, which we use to fund our health fact-checking and research articles.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, or what this means for how we operate, we hope that this page is instructive.

How Affiliate Links Work

When we mention a product in the Reviews section of HangersGuide it usually contains an affiliate link. When someone purchases a product, or something else from the affiliated store after clicking on that link, we earn a small commission.

The price you pay for a product is never different after having clicked on one of our links. In fact, we hope that our links can save you money by enabling better purchasing decisions.

Does This Make Our Recommendations Biased?

Because we’re paid by e-commerce retailers rather than individual manufacturers, we have no financial incentive to promote one product over another. This means our focus can be on putting forth whatever products our research shows are the best value for money for the average consumer.

If You Don’t Like What We Recommend, We Don’t Get Paid

When a person buys a product that we’ve mentioned, and they don’t like it, they can return it. If they return it, our commission also gets returned to the merchant.

This means if we don’t get it right, we don’t get paid. If we make a bad recommendation, there’s no revenue.

This makes our incentives perfectly aligned with yours. If we make the best recommendations, you get the best products, and we get paid. Everybody wins.

We like this better than showing you barely relevant ads and hoping that you’ll click on them sometimes.

How Does This Affect Our Evidence Reviews?

There are no affiliate links in the Evidence section of HangersGuide, even in the instances where evidence has shown a product has some established benefit.

We consider it vital that when assessing evidence, our writers are entirely free of bias or financial conflict of interest.

We generate revenue through our Reviews section articles so that our evidence reviews don’t have to “be profitable”.

How Do We Use Our Revenue?

The revenue HangersGuide generates goes primarily towards paying our heroic writers to do more fad busting and fact-checking, as well as our products team to do more in-depth reviews of health-promoting household items.

We’re hopeful as the website grows we can hire more healthcare professionals to create more of the kind of evidence-based health information the internet so badly needs.