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8 Best Plate Hangers for Wall – Detailed Review and Guide

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We are always looking for ways to improve our homes to make them more comfortable and more appealing. That is why you will find most of us adding wallpapers to the house. But that is not the only adjustment you can make to your home to make it more appealing to the eye. Have you thought of what else you can hang on your wall to improve it?

Paintings are not the only form of art that we can include in our homes. Plates, for example, are very appealing and if you have seen a wall with plates hanging on it, you know how beautiful they can be on a wall.

Let’s assume that you have already decided to go for the plates on the walls. How do you hang them? Which are the best plate hangers to use?

Well, we have done an extensive research to compile everything you need to know about hanging plates on your walls. This post features a list of 8 plate hangers that would be perfect for your home.

Let’s get to it.

Top Wall Plate Hangers

Plates have been used to decorate walls for a very long time. If you think about it, these plates feature some amazing craftsmanship that is coupled with the detailed painting that makes them more than just serving pieces but also art. If you think about it hanging plates are a very great decoration but also a storage option you will appreciate.

So, which are the best platter hangers for walls? Let’s look at the top plate hangers in the market.

  1. Hillman 122048 Plate Hangers

Hillman 122048 Plate Hangers

This is one of the wall plate hangers that you should consider for your wall. The decorative plate hanger is itself very appealing to look at, something that you should consider in a plate hanger. It will surely secure the plates on your wall.

You should consider this plate hanger if you are trying to hang plates on a plaster wall or drywall. It features a 30 lb. weight, which is ideal.

The hanger features a spring that should stretch based on the size of the plate you want to hang.

You should also know that the size of the plate it can carry will depend on how secure and strong the hanger is nailed in the stud.

  1. Spectrum Diversified Horizontal Plate Rack

The Spectrum plate hanger provides you with an amazingly beautiful and stylish way to hang and display your artwork, plates, collectibles, as well as photos.

The horizontal plate rack adds a perfect finish to any room you fix it in. It is made using steel to provide a sturdy and strong rack.

Caring for this piece is not hard. All you need to do is wipe it using a damp cloth and then dry it using a dry towel.

This sturdy hanger will allow you to make more room in your cabinet by storing them on a wall.

  1. The Flatirons Disc Co. Invisible Disc Adhesive plate hangers

The Flatirons Disc Co. Invisible Disc Adhesive plate hangers

The set of large hangers features four-disc adhesive plate hangers, each with around 4 inches. They will be able to hold plates that have around 5.5 lbs. and a diameter of 12 inches. It might be the best plate hanger for heavy plates.

The hangers have four inches and will work great on a wide range of plate sizes. It also works perfectly with large platters, trays, tiles, chargers, bowls, as well as ceramic.

You will also find a set of directions on how you should use the hangers for your house. To be honest, it is very easy to install. You will have fun installing the hangers.

If you want a completely invisible hanger without showing the wires, clips, and hooks that affect the beauty of the plates, then you should go for this set.

  1. Awesomes Iron Hanging Display Stand Art Holder

This brand has come up with one of the most beautiful plate holders on the market. This is a decorative stand that has a curved metal stand you can use to display books, photos, collector plates, small artwork, small cookbooks, picture frames, as well as decorative plates, and much more. Their purpose is quite extensive.

They are completely sturdy and durable, something that you will surely appreciate. They are made with iron and are meant to serve you for a very long time.

Everyone wants to customize his or her home differently. Awesome hangers allow you to do just that. You can place it in any room or use it in any other manner you see fit.

The design and shape of the hanger are also very beautiful and they will complement the artwork or plates you are hanging.

  1. Augusta Narrow 3-Tier Vertical Plate Rack

Showcase beautiful and special china, plates, art, and more with the narrow vertical plate racks. It is a rack designed to fit any small space and allow you to hang your chosen plates or art in any space.

The rack has a square construction with a wire. It also has a black finish, as well as a scroll design on the ends.

This might be a great idea for you if you are looking for a plate rack to fit a very narrow space.

  1. Artliving Black Metal Wall Mount

Display all your beautiful plates on any wall in your house with this amazing plate hanger from Artliving. The metallic holder can do more than hold plates. It is also great for holding pictures, photos, and many more.

You can choose the large or the medium-sized hanger depending on your preference. The medium plate hanger can suspend 10 to 6-inch items.

The operation is not as similar as the others. You can choose to mount it on a wall using the mounting holes found on the back or simply choose to place it on a table, where it will still work perfectly.

Choose one with two circles on each side, two rods, or even three circles joined in the middle.

  1. Achla Designs B-32-2 Bracket Wall Plate Holder

This specific item might just be one of the best plate hangers on the market for a couple of reasons. First, it features a very sturdy design that is also attractive, yet simple. The entire hanger is made using wrought iron coupled with a Bronze powder-coated finish.

You will be able to keep all the items you treasure on display while still hanging them securely where they cannot break. Mounting is quite simple because it has two holes and additional screws made with stainless steel. Make sure to use the right screw for your wall to avoid any damage to your plates.

Choose from three different sizes depending on what you need to hang.

The variation in these hangers makes them amazing.

  1. Bard’s Red Oak Wall Mountable Plate Frame

This specific frame is designed to bring the best display of your plates on the walls. You are recommended to use the 25-inch frame with an average dinner plate.

It is made using Read Oak. The wooden case is not only the best plate hanger for heavy plates but also one of the most beautiful.

We can all agree that this is an amazing addition to the beauty of your house. It is eye-catching and it will improve the general appearance of your walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to buy plate hangers?

There are different places you can get plate hangers. For instance, there are local stores that might be close to you that would sell some plates and art hangers. However, they are not always the most affordable when selling.

But why go through all that trouble? Thanks to the internet, we have a couple of online platforms from where we can make purchases. Therefore, you can easily visit an online store such as Amazon, make a selection, then pay and wait for delivery.

  • Do plate hangers damage plates?

Hanging plates is not necessarily the easiest work you can do. The main reason behind this is that you are dealing with fragile plates that might simply fall, break, and lose all their beauty.

Fortunately, plate hangers give you a very sturdy option to hold your plates.

So, do plate hangers damage plates? The truth is that it is possible for your hangers to damage the plates, although it will depend on the material used to make the plates and the state of the hanger. if a hanger does not have the proper size, then you should consider changing it because chances are that the plates will be damaged.

  • What size plate hanger do I need?

There are different sizes of plates, each of which has a certain hanger that would work best on it. What you need to do is use a plate hanger that will hold your plate properly. Therefore, we recommend that you measure the diameter of your plates and use those dimensions to find the appropriate hanger.

  • Are adhesive plate hangers safe?

Yes, they are very safe. The adhesive on the back of the plate hanger is completely dry and will not damage your walls. Please note that we do recommend that you apply a thin layer of clear nail polish over the top of the plate hanger in order to protect it from moisture.

The plate hangers are not toxic and contain no harmful chemicals, making them safe for use in areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms where there is a risk of exposure to small children or pets.

However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying these hangers to your plates.

*Some adhesives can damage drywall over time because they leave behind an oily residue that collects dust, dirt, and other particles. This residue creates a layer that prevents the paint from adhering properly to the wall when it is painted over.

  • How do adhesive plate hangers work?

Adhesive plate hangers have a pressure-sensitive adhesive back that sticks to the back of the plate or frame. You place the plate in position on a wall or other surface, press firmly down on it for about ten seconds, then let go. The adhesive will stick to the wall and hold the plate securely in place until you remove it by pulling on the tab on its backside.

  • What are the benefits of using adhesive plate hangers?

The benefit of using an adhesive hanger is that there’s no need for drilling holes into your wall or damaging your artwork by hanging it with nails or screws. You simply peel off the backing from your adhesive pad and stick it onto your artwork or photo before placing it on your wall using our easy-to-follow instructions.

  • How do you remove adhesive from plate hangers?

There are several ways to remove this adhesive, you can check out our detailed article here.

  • Can you hang plates with Command Strips?

Yes, you can hang plates with Command Strips.

The Command Strips will hold up to 1 pound of weight per strip.

If you are hanging heavier plates, use more than one strip. The more strips of hooks you use, the less likely they are to slide and come loose on their own. As a general rule, use at least 6 hooks per strip, and be sure to overlap the ends slightly for added support.

  • Do plate hangers work on bowls?

The truth is that plate hangers can work on bowls, but they are not the best option (even though there are plate hangers that have a larger base or that have an adapter that can be used for bowls). There are some things you need to keep in mind before getting a plate hanger for your bowl.

* It should be noted that the bowl will not be properly secured with a plate hanger. This means that if you have kids or pets at home, they might be able to knock it over and break it. Once this happens, you will have to spend money on replacing the bowl and buying a new plate hanger as well.

  • How are plate hangers measured?

Plate hangers are measured by their diameter and length.

Diameter – The plate hanger’s diameter is the measurement across the center of the plate. For example, a 3-inch diameter plate hanger will be 3 inches across at its widest point.

Length – The plate hanger’s length is how long it is from end to end. For example, a 6-inch long plate hanger will be 6 inches long from one end to another.

Also, plate hangers are measured by the number of plates that can be hung on them. The most common sizes are 10 hooks and 12 hooks, but you can also find 8-hook and 14-hook plate hangers. Each hook can hold a plate up to 10 inches in diameter, but the weight limit varies depending on the type of plate hanger you buy.

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You can make your house appealing in different ways and this is one of the oldest ways of doing that. We highly recommend that you find the right hanger to avoid any damage to your fine collection.

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