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Best Wig Hangers, Stands, and Racks for Multiple Wigs – Detailed Reviews

best wig stands and racks

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Hangers Guides

So, you have acquired a wig. It is a great way for you to enhance your look. But the truth is, the wig will only give you a good look if it is in the best condition possible. So, how do you maintain the right conditions or state of a wig? Well, you have to ensure that you condition, clean, and store it in the right manner.

Storage of a wig can be hectic. Finding the proper storage method can almost madden you. The market is filled with wig racks for multiple wigs, wig shelves, stands, hangers, and more. So, which is the best for you?

We went to the market to help answer this question. We found some of the best hangers for wigs, some stands, and racks that will simply do the job properly. In this article, you will find different high-quality storage products such as the best wig stands that ensure your wig is always in the right condition. Let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

We will start this post by highlighting the best storage solutions for your wigs. We have reviewed each individually so you know what you are going for.

  • Best Hanging Wigs Rack for Multiple Wigs: Livememory 

Livememory Hanging Hat Rack, Hanging Wig Rack Baseball Caps Hat Racks for Door, Wall, Closet, Bathroom
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ir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0831DVKYSThis is our first pick because we felt it is the best rack for multiple wigs in the market. Each of the pieces you purchase has 5 metal brackets. Therefore, you will be able to store around 10 of your wigs. To make things even more enticing, you can take these apart and install them according to your preferences.

The rack is made using very strong iron metal. That means that the rack will be able to hold heavier things such as bags, not just wigs and hats. Additionally, the metal does not easily rust or damp. Therefore, no stains can be seen on your hats, wigs, or bags.

Best of all, you can purchase this hat rack for the storage of almost anything. That includes wigs, towels, bags, scarfs, caps, and hats.

The square design makes it even more stable compared to the circular one.

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  • Best Freestanding Stand for Multiple Wigs: MyGift

Modern Black Metal Freestanding stand for multiple wigs
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ir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01CZC7TWWWhat if you had the best stand for multiple wigs that could hold up to 20 wigs at a go? This specific product features 20 loops that allow you to store different wigs at a go. These loops are designed so that everything you store, whether hats or wigs, remain in place and steady.

It is a very steady stand that will organize the hats neatly. It also features a reinforced steel design that adds support. You will also love that it has a chrome footing. The footing will grip properly so that it does not fall even when bumped or touched accidentally.

This is a perfect option for trade shows, retail stores, as well as waiting areas. You can also place it in your bedroom to decorate and organize your wigs and/or hats.

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  • Best Wall Mounted Wigs Hanger: Owlgift 

Owlgift rack for multiple wigs (
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You can also make things easier with this vintage multiple wig hanger. Not only does it allow you to organize your wigs, but also decorates your house in the process. It is a hat or wig hanger or wall rack that has a beautiful vintage design.

The holders are shaped like umbrellas, perfect for the storage of different items such as sunhats, bowlers, beanies, caps, and wigs.

You mount the hanger on walls for the best results. You will receive the mounting hardware together with the product.

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  • Best Wigs Stand: Dreamlover 

Dreamlover Wig Stand for Wigs, Portable Wig Head Stand for Women
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ir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B081WY7Q3XThe wig stand from Dreamlover has a height of 14.2 inches. It is a perfect choice for short wigs or longer ones that do not exceed 14 inches. This portable multiple wig holder is made using thick plastic. What’s more, the plastic has a thickness of around 0.16 inches. That means that deformation is not easy.

To make things even better, the wig stand can collapse so that you have an easier time carrying it around. It is also easy to use for storing wigs. If you are looking for the best stand for multiple wigs for traveling, then this is it.

You can be sure that your wigs will remain in perfect form. It is also a great option if you are looking for a storage option for hats, cosplay masks, helmets, and more.

As if that’s not enough, the stands are made using thick plastic to form a very sturdy design for durability.

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  • Best Wig Stand Tripod With Head: HYOUJIN 

HYOUJIN Wig Stand Metal Adjustable Cosmetology
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ir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B011NW72UOir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0793PTL2DDo you want to try something a bit different? Try out this amazing product from HYOUJIN. Let’s start with the material and design. It is a stand that is made using iron with a plating finish. That means that you will be using it for a long time. It also features sturdy construction, coupled with an adjustable design to make storage easier.

It also rotates 360 degrees and tilts in any direction at 25 degrees. The only thing that you have to do is add a hair mannequin head, a Styrofoam head, a canvas blockhead, or a display head, then add the wig on the head. Unfortunately, the mannequin is not part of the product.

This product is specifically meant to make things much easier for you, even though it does not work well as a wig stand for multiple wigs.

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  • Another Stand with Head: GEX 

Canvas Block Head Mannequin Head Wig Display Styling Head With Mount Hole
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ir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00W1BT1GUThis is a product of GEX, made using pure cork. It is designed professionally to match the shape of a human. That shape allows it to make the storage of wigs much easier. What’s more, the wig does not lose its shape ever.

The stand is mainly meant for salons or hair experts. It allows you to add pins with ease for holding wigs. If you want a durable head, then this is the right one for you.

To make the deal sweeter, there are different sizes for you to choose from. In total, there are 9 sizes. Make sure that you have the right size before you make a choice. The cork head is more upscale and sturdy compared to the poly-filled head. Make sure to give this option a try.

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  • Best Hanger for Wigs: Dreamlover 

Dreamlover Hanging Wig Stand, Wig Drying Stand
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ir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B06XYNTV8MThis is a very simplified wig stand, designed to make storage easier and faster. It is made using thick plastic so that it remains sturdy. It does not break with ease, thanks to the material used in its construction.

It will save you a lot of space on your counter because it simply needs to hang. You can hang it anywhere you want. Since the wig stand will easily hang from any height, it becomes the perfect choice for the longest of wigs. The wig will not touch the ground. It is also cost-effective.

To avoid slipping, it is recommended that you interlock the wig buckles under the crossbar.

This is also a drying stand that allows you to dry your wigs with ease. The wigs will remain in the best shape without any dust. You can also use the stand for the storage of different things such as caps, hats, or scarves.

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  • Best Storage Hanger For Wigs: RJM

Portable Wig Hair Extension Storage Bag with Hanger
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ir?t=hangersguide 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08BK596TJThis might just be the best hanger for wigs. It is a perfect choice for those who have several or multiple hairpieces, extensions, and wigs. This storage bag allows you to store straight, curly, wavy, long, or short hair extensions. The hair will remain completely clean, neat, and without any tangles. No moisture or dust will come in contact with the hair.

The bag is made with a non-woven type of fabric. It also has transparent plastic at the front making it easier to identify the hair. Finally, there is a smooth zipper. It is durable, so no chances of breaking or jamming after a short while.

If you want to store and protect the wig you have, then this is a consideration you should make.

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A Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen the different recommended products, it is time to make a choice. But how will you do that with all these available options? In this section, we will give you factors to consider when choosing the best rack and hangers for multiple wigs, or a wig shelf for your wigs.

  • Price

First, you have to consider the price. You cannot a wig rack for multiple wigs when it costs more than makes sense. You must consider different factors such as taxes, shipping costs, and more.

  • Brand

The brand you will purchase from is also very important to consider. There are different popular brands, all of which have great recognition in this sector. Find a brand that does not disappoint. It is not safe to try out new brands.

  • Customer Reviews

You should also check out what other customers have to say about a wig stand for multiple wigs before you make a purchase. If the previous customers were disappointed, chances are that you will be disappointed too.

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Now: You have found the different types of wig storage in the market. Each of the products we have provided above functions differently from the others. It is up to you to figure out what you expect to get from the wig stand, hanger, or rack. That will help you narrow down your choices.

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