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If a suit is made properly, it should last a very long time but you will have to properly care for it. That means hanging it right so that it does not lose its shape over the years. It does not matter how much you try to clean or repair a suit. As long as it has been hanging from the wrong hanger, it will be damaged and it will lose shape.

Choosing the best suit hanger for your tailored trousers and jacket is just as important as choosing the accessories and shirt to wear with it.

Which is the right hanger to use for a suit jacket? A hanger that has wide shoulders is very effective in maintaining the jacket’s shape. After all, your jacket will spend more time on the hanger than it will on your shoulders.

In this post, we highlight ten of the best suit hangers you should consider getting for your jacket. We aim to help you prolong the life of your suit so that it looks perfect each time you put it on.

Let’s Take a look.

Our Top Picks

Let’s kick off with a look at the top picks.

  • High-Grade Wooden Suit Hangers

This is one of the wooden suit hangers made to surpass the rest in regards to appearance, durability, as well as quality. The hangers are made using wood from a lotus tree. Lotus trees are very popular for their durable and perfect wood that can withstand a lot of weight. But that is not all that makes these suit hangers perfect.

The set features 20 lotus wood hangers that have a very beautiful design. They also feature a chrome hook that rotates 360 degrees to make it easier for you to choose your clothes in the closet. The pant bar is also grooved vinyl covered to prevent your trousers from forming any folds.

You will also notice the contoured shoulder line that also has notches cut perfectly. The elegant craftsmanship is like no other. The hangers have a smooth, splinter-free finish. Additionally, they are coated with a clear lacquer to bring out the natural appearance while adding to your suit’s protection.

On the pant bar, you can hang scarves, pants, and even skirts. The round shape will eradicate any chance of your clothes forming creases.

We were impressed by the secure packaging of these hangers.

  • High-Grade Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers

Keeping a tidy home can be quite a challenge, especially if you do not have the right tools to organize your clothes. Zober has come up with a set of the best wooden suit hangers to help you handle the organization of your clothes perfectly.  Here are reasons why you should consider this set.

The hangers have an inward curving with wide shoulders to help distribute the weight of the garment evenly. That way, the drape, and collars are preserved and the coats and suits will maintain the original shape and design.

These are heavy-duty hangers that are quite thick. They also have a thick crossbar that is reinforced with screws for the best results. The pant bar is not glue-attached like in other poorer quality hangers. So, even if you hang heavier jeans or slacks on the bar, you can be sure that the pant bar will hold up the weight with no problem.

We appreciated that the pant bar has a grooved cover that gives adequate resistance so that your clothes do not fall off.

The shoulder flairs have a width of around 2.5 inches, which is just enough to support even the heaviest coats and garments.

Finally, let us check out the hook. The hook is zinc-plated and rotates fully at 360 degrees. It makes it easier to access the clothes regardless of the direction they are facing without removing them from the closet.

  • Casafield Walnut Wooden Hangers

You can easily provide your closet with that amazing elegance and organization with this set of men’s suit hangers. The set features around 20 hangers made with a beautiful walnut finish.

They will help you to transform the closet space completely by providing the organization you need. If you are looking for versatile hangers, then these are what you need. They are perfect for dresses, coats, suits, and many more.

In regards to the construction, this hanger takes it all. The pant bar is non-slip and the shoulders have carefully cut notches for clothes with straps. You can use the hangers for all types of clothes. They are made using some lightweight, durable lotus wood with a beautiful finish. Additionally, they have a chrome hook that rotates 360 degrees.

The hangers will be able to hold up heavy jackets, jeans, or slackers without caving.

The pant bar is covered with a non-slip vinyl casting to help reduce the chances of creasing on the clothes. Your suits will maintain their original shape thanks to the contoured shoulders.

  • TOPIA HANGER Unfinished American Cedar Hangers

We found these cedar suit hangers and just had to include them on our list. These are great hangers for different reasons.

First, the hangers are made using completely healthy, 100% natural red cedar that will not only hold up your clothes but also absorb all odors and moisture to protect your clothes and other valuables in the closet. Cedarwood has a great aroma. That aroma, coupled with its pest-fighting properties provides you with adequate protection. There are no byproducts or side effects.

The hangers have very wide shoulders that give your coats and suits adequate support and maintain a great shape for your clothes.

You should also realize that the hangers have a sort of different pants bar. It is a high-quality bar that is padded with foam so that your clothes maintain their shape without developing any wrinkles. You can use the pants bar to hang your trousers, belts, ties, towels, or scarves. Your closet will be more organized now with this great set.

We also appreciated that the hangers are stored in a very safe package that is designed perfectly for gifts. So, if you are looking for a perfect gift for any holiday such as Christmas or a birthday, then you can go for this set.

  • Amber Home American Red Cedar Suit Hangers

If you are looking for the best cedar hangers, then you have to consider these hangers. They have everything that you will need to keep your suits in the same condition and shape as when they were new. Here are several things that we loved about the hangers.

The smallest part of the construction is the hook. These hangers have a chrome hook. The hook rotates at 360 degrees, which will allow you to hang your clothes at any angle. If you need to check out clothes on a certain hanger, all you need to do is turn the hanger to the side you want. No need of removing it from the rack.

The shoulders also have a wide design so that your coats get the proper support that will keep them in their original shape.

Also on the design, you will note the pants bar that is mostly brown velvet. It is round so that your clothes do not form any creases and are firmly gripped so they do not fall easily.

No chemicals are used in the wood to increase its fragrance. The scent you will notice on the hanger is from its natural oils. The cedar suit hangers are made using 100% natural American Cedar wood. The protection you will get is completely natural.

  • TOPIA HANGER Red Cedar Hangers

TOPIA HANGER is a brand that is dedicated to bringing you the best cedar hangers in the market and this specific set of hangers is no exception to their quality.

These hangers are made using 100% natural Cedar that is aromatic and is harvested safely from renewable forests. The hangers are made using high-grade cedar that is not only natural but also safe for you and your entire family. The scent in the hanger is produced by the natural aromatic oils of the wood.

That means that there are no chemicals or additives meant to improve the scent of the wood. The hangers are handcrafted elegantly and do not have any cover paint so that you can feel the natural texture and fragrance of the wood.

The notches on the construction are cut precisely and sanded to eradicate any roughness. These notches should help you hang any clothes that have straps such as dresses while maintaining their original shape.

You will also realize that the hangers are packaged properly so that they can be delivered safely to your house and you can give them as a gift to friends and family.

  • TOPIA HANGER Unfinished Red Cedar Suit Hangers’

This is a set of the best suit hangers from TOPIA HANGER. This set includes around four hangers made with purely natural, healthy material. The hangers are made using natural aromatic red Cedar that will effectively absorb the entire odor and the moisture thereby protecting your clothes. The aroma you get each time you open your closet is worth the money.

It features a unique bar with foam padding to ensure that your clothes have their natural shape and do not form any wrinkles. You will also appreciate the wide shoulder construction that is meant to keep your clothes in constant shape by providing ample support to the shoulders.

Since these suit hangers have a natural aroma, they will be able to keep your clothes smelling fresh. The hangers will not affect the quality of your fabrics and will not ruin your clothes in any way, thanks to careful craftsmanship.

  • Quality Hangers Wooden Sturdy Suit Hangers

This is one of the best wooden suit hangers on the market. Unlike the rest of the hangers in our list, this specific hanger is made using beautiful mahogany wood with a mahogany finish to give you that elegant look in your kitchen.

The set has around 20 hangers that are designed to keep your clothes looking fresh all the time. The hangers are made with care to prevent any wrinkles from forming on your clothes.

You will notice the shoulder notches that are positioned on the shoulders to help you hang clothes with straps. The pants bar is non-slip so your clothes will not fall off when you hang them. The chrome hook rotates completely so that you can have an easier time choosing clothes to wear.

  • Cocomaya Cedar Wood Suit Hangers

Cocomaya brings you another one of the best cedar hangers in the market. The hangers are made with high-quality cedar wood and do not have any paint added to them. What you get is completely pure cedarwood without any chemicals, which is the healthiest for your family.

To be honest, cedarwood has that appearance that gives your closet more elegance and sophistication. The hangers are sanded properly. The craftsmanship is something to appreciate greatly.

The shoulders have a width of around 5.5 centimeters to give them the sturdiness you need to hold your heavier jackets and clothes. They also have a pants bar that is screwed on rather than glued on to provide adequate strength for heavier clothes. The velvet bar is also nonslip so that the pants and scarves you hang on it do not fall easily.

  • DEDU Plastic Wide Suit Hangers

To be honest, not everyone is okay with wooden hangers for different reasons, which is why we thought we include a different type of hanger. This set contains around 15 plastic hangers that are a bit different from what we have already seen.

First, you need to know that the hangers should be assembled by the buyer. But you do not have to worry because the assembly is very simple. You simply need to screw on the hook to the top, hook the pants bar, and you are set.

Just like most of the hangers-on our list, these hangers have very thick shoulders so that your clothes do not fall off easily and maintain their shape. The shoulders also have notches to hang your strapped clothes.

The pants bar has a layer that will prevent your clothes from falling off. There are smaller hooks under the shoulders that you can use to hold scarves or similar clothes.

Are Acrylic or velvet hangers better?

Most people would say that Acrylic hangers are better for suits because they tend to be sturdier. Velvet hangers, on the other hand, may seem like a better option at first glance due to their softer material. However, velvet hangers can actually cause damage to your clothes over time if you don’t properly care for them. They can also get caught in the threads of your suit and pull it out of shape.

Wooden hangers are traditional, and they offer more support than plastic ones. They also last longer because they don’t wear down as quickly as plastic ones do. However, Wooden hangers can be difficult to find or expensive if you need a lot of them. Plastic hangers are cheaper than wooden ones, but they may not provide enough support for some suits. They also tend to break easier than wooden ones.


You need the best suit hanger to maintain the appearance and shape of your clothes. As long as you hang your clothes properly, you can be assured that your clothes will have a prolonged life. All the hangers we have mentioned are worth considering. Make sure that you compare each of them and pick out the most appealing and most efficient hanger from the list. Have fun organizing your closet.

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