Should I Hang Or Fold Turtlenecks?


Turtlenecks are a classic wardrobe staple for the colder months. Whether for casual wear or formal occasions, turtlenecks can take your look from drab to fab. The question is, should you hang or fold turtlenecks in your closet?

The answer depends on the fabric of your turtlenecks. If you have turtlenecks made of lightweight fabric, such as cotton or polyester, then you should definitely fold them. This will help keep the fabric from creasing and ensure your turtlenecks stay in good condition for longer.

However, if you have a turtleneck made of wool or cashmere, then you should hang it. Hanging a turtleneck will help keep the collar and neckline looking neat and will also help prevent stretching and sagging.

How Do You Hang A Turtleneck?

Turtlenecks to fold or hang

If you decide to hang your turtlenecks, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure the best results. First, lay the turtleneck flat on a hanger and make sure the collar is facing outward. Next, button the top two buttons and fold the bottom of the turtleneck up over the hanger. Finally, use a clip or a clothespin to secure the fabric in place.

If you’re hanging multiple turtlenecks at once, it’s best to use multiple hangers. This will help keep the turtlenecks from tangling and keep them looking neat and organized.

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