The Art of Hanging a Painting Using Teeth Hangers

Hanging a Painting Using Teeth Hangers

In the world of interior decoration, hanging a painting is more than just finding a nail and a hammer. It’s an art, and like any other art form, it requires precision, attention to detail, and the right tools. One often-overlooked tool in the process is the “teeth hanger.” In this article, we will explore how to hang a painting using teeth hangers to ensure that your artwork is not only secure but also beautifully displayed.

Understanding Teeth Hangers

What Are Teeth Hangers?

Teeth hangers, also known as sawtooth hangers, are small, metal brackets with a serrated edge resembling the teeth of a saw. These hangers are designed to be attached to the back of a frame, allowing you to hang the painting securely on the wall. They are a popular choice among artists, collectors, and decorators for their simplicity and effectiveness.

Why Choose Teeth Hangers?

Teeth hangers offer several advantages when it comes to hanging a painting:

  1. Stability: The serrated design of teeth hangers provides a secure grip on the wall, preventing your artwork from shifting or falling.
  2. Invisibility: Once your painting is hung, teeth hangers remain mostly hidden behind the frame, allowing the focus to be on the artwork itself.
  3. Easy Leveling: The design of teeth hangers makes it easier to ensure your painting is level, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your wall display.

Preparing Your Painting for Hanging

Before you start hanging your painting using teeth hangers, it’s essential to prepare your artwork to ensure a smooth and secure process.

Gather Your Supplies

You will need the following tools and materials:

  • Your painting with a frame
  • Two teeth hangers
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Wall anchors (if your walls are not made of solid wood)
  • Level

Measuring and Marking

  1. Begin by measuring the width of your painting’s frame. Divide this width in half and make a small pencil mark at this midpoint.
  2. Measure and mark two inches from the top of the frame. This is where you will attach the first teeth hanger.
  3. Measure and mark two inches from the bottom of the frame. This is where the second teeth hanger will go.

Attaching Teeth Hangers

  1. Position the first teeth hanger at the mark you made on the top of the frame. Ensure that the serrated edge is facing down.
  2. Use a screwdriver to securely attach the teeth hanger to the frame. Make sure it’s centered and level.
  3. Repeat the process for the second teeth hanger at the bottom mark.

Hanging Your Painting

With your painting prepared and teeth hangers in place, it’s time to hang your artwork on the wall.

Finding the Right Spot

  1. Decide where you want to hang your painting. Use a measuring tape to ensure that it’s at the desired height and is centered on the wall.
  2. Mark the spot on the wall where the top edge of your painting will be.

Wall Anchors (If Needed)

If your walls are not made of solid wood, you may need to use wall anchors to ensure a secure hold. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing wall anchors at the marked spot.

Hanging the Painting

  1. Hang your painting on the wall by aligning the teeth hangers with the mark you made.
  2. Ensure that the painting is level using a level tool.
  3. Step back and admire your beautifully hung artwork.

Maintenance and Tips

  • Periodically check the stability of your painting to ensure that the teeth hangers are securely attached.
  • When moving or transporting your artwork, take it off the wall and wrap it carefully to avoid damage.
  • Experiment with the placement of your paintings to create visually appealing arrangements on your walls.


Hanging a painting using teeth hangers is a skill that can transform your living space into an art gallery. By understanding the basics of teeth hangers and following the steps we’ve outlined, you can confidently display your artwork with style and security. Your walls will become a canvas, and your paintings will be the masterpieces they deserve to be.

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