How To Keep Hangers From Swinging In The Vehicle?

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If you’ve ever driven with your clothes on hangers in the back seat, you know how annoying it is when they start swinging and hitting the back of your headrest. Here are a few tips for keeping your hangers stationary while you’re driving.

Use an elastic band

Wrap an elastic band around the two hooks of the hanger. This will keep the hangers close together so they can’t swing around. You can also use a hair tie or a shoelace if you don’t have an elastic band handy.

Hang them from the headrest

If your vehicle has headrests in the backseat, you can thread the hanger through the headrest so that it hangs down. This will keep it from swinging and hitting the seat. You can also use this method to hang clothes from the front passenger seat headrest if there’s no one in that seat.

Fasten them to the seat

Some vehicles have anchors in the seats where you can clip your seatbelt. These anchors can also be used to clip hangers. This will keep them securely in place and stop them from swinging around.

Clip them to something else

If there’s nothing to clip your hangers to in your vehicle, you can always clip them to something else that’s not moving, like a purse strap or a pet harness. This will stop them from moving around as much and hitting the back of your seat.

Use velcro strips

If you want a more permanent solution, you can use velcro strips to attach your hangers to the back of your car seats. Just make sure that you don’t put the velcro on anything that could tear easily, like upholstery or leather seats. You could also use magnets for this purpose if they’ll stick to your car seats. Just be careful not to put them on anything that could be damaged by magnets, like credit cards or electronic devices.

how do keep hangers from falling in RV? How do you secure an RV hanger?

The best way to keep hangers from falling in your RV is to use a hanger that is specifically designed for RVs. These hangers have a wide stance and a flat back, which prevents them from tipping over. In addition, they are often made of sturdy materials such as plastic or metal, which makes them less likely to break.

If you are using a traditional hanger, you can also secure it to the wall with tape or Velcro. This will help to keep it in place, even if your RV hits a bump in the road. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your clothes stay wrinkle-free and ready to wear, no matter where your travels take you.

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There are a few different ways that you can keep hangers from swinging in the vehicle so that they don’t hit the back of your seat or headrest. You can use an elastic band, hang them from the headrest, fasten them to the seat, clip them to something else, or use velcro strips. Choose the method that works best for you and enjoy being able to hang up your clothes while you’re driving!

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